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Cibapet CBD Oil for Dogs - 200mg

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Used to assist with fear and separation anxiety, joint pain & inflammation, skin allergies, noise phobias, increase appetite, decrease seizures, cancer and prevent dementia

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2% CBD Oil For Dogs Every dog's needs are different, that is why Cibapet has developed 2% CBD oil for sensitive pets. Give your beloved dog a better quality of life with the same high-quality CBD you expect from Cibapet.75% of pet owners that have used CBD oil have noted an improvement in their pet.CBD works with your dog's ECS to provide holistic relief. We have used the same high-quality formula to create a milder dose of CBD, ideal for sensitive pets. With the added benefit of essential vitamins and nutrients, your dog can enjoy the chance at a better quality of life regardless of their sensitivities.Just like us humans, dogs have what is known as an endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system is highly influential regarding proper physiological functioning, and plays a role in other essential bodily systems. Cibapet CBD oil is designed to work symbiotically with your dog’s ECS, allowing the full breadth of beneficial applications to be enjoyed. This 2% oil maximizes the effects of CBD and is completely non-psychoactive.CBD has experienced a major increase in mainstream popularity and scientific research, largely thanks to its therapeutic potential. Preliminary studies have reported CBD to display anxiolytic, antinausea, pain relief, inflammation and stress relief functions, while also supporting gastrointestinal relief.CIBAPET: A POWERFUL FORMULA In addition to the power of CBD, the inclusion of fish oil, vitamin E, protein, and fibre simultaneously supports your dog’s skin and coat health, digestive health, and energy levels. Pets can be just as sensitive to stimuli as humans, so it’s important to use supplements that cater to your dog’s condition, rather than aggravate it. With Cibapet 2% CBD oil, you get just that—an easy-to-administer supplement that works just as great on eager pups as it does on aging hounds. Every dog is different, and each deserves the utmost care to relieve pain and stress from their lives. Prove to your pet that you are “dog’s best friend” by putting their health at the forefront of your priorities with Cibapet.CONTENTS:Quantity: 200+ drops Content: Fish oil and vitamins CBD Content: 200 mg Conserve: Store cool, dark and dry Color: Yellow/golden THC: < 0.033%DOSAGE: Adults: 2 - 3 drops per 10kg body weight twice daily. Puppies: 1 drop twice daily.*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and no claims regarding such are made. Products have not been evaluated by the MCC or the FDA.

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Additional Info

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