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Mikki Nail Clippers - Large

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Give your Yuppie Pooch a Pedi!

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Give your Yuppie Pooch a Pedi! The Mikki Nail Clipper has an easy to use scissor action that makes trimming your pet's nails simple to do. Precision cutting blades trim the nail in one smooth action and all clippers are heat treated to ensure maximum strength and durability. Directions for Use: Your pet's claw has blood vessels known as the 'quick'. It is important that you do not cut into this area. It is easy to see the quick on pets with light coloured claws. Those with dark coloured claws are easier to locate the quick by looking on the underside of the nail - however if in doubt seek the advice of your vet or pet groomer. Hold your pet's foot carefully and ensure that you are in complete control before starting to trim the nail. Begin cutting in one smooth action. If unsure, only cut off a small amount at a time.

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