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Pet Dent Oral Rinse 100ml

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Sugar & alcohol free oral rinse for dogs & cats

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Kyron Labs



Dogs and cats need dental care too — effective care at home as well as professional care from the veterinary surgeon. Dental disease is common in dogs, one of the signs being bad breath. While cavities occur in both dogs and cats, it is periodontal (gum) disease that is the most common and serious dental problem. Kyron has a complete dental care programme, from toothpaste, gel and oral liquid to special pet toothbrushes.Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral RinseContains Chlorhexidine, Zinc and Calcium. Provides sufficient contact time for actives to react with bacteria and plaque. Helps reduce progression of caries. Helps reduce plaque formation. Leaves pet with fresh breath. Ideal to help prevent oral infections after dental procedures. Ideal for pets who don’t tolerate brushing. Directions for Use:Lift upper lip, apply to exposed gum line, repeat on other side. Ideal for use inbetween brushings. Pack Size:100ml bottle with application nozzle

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Additional Info

ManufacturerKyron Labs
Product Size100ml
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