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Ultradog Premium Puppy Large Breed

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For large breed yuppie pups and pregnant & lactating bitches
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Ultradog Premium Puppy Small & Medium Breed - 8kg
Ultradog Premium Puppy Small & Medium Breed - 3kg



Ultra Dog Premium understands that puppies need lots of support in their first months of life. They grow at a rate that is 2-4 times faster than humans, and need special protein and nutrition to cater for their rapidly developing bodies and immune systems, therefore the food they eat is vital. As it is through their food that their developing immune systems are nurtured, the developments of their young brain and vision functions are taken care of. The right food helps to promote healthy digestion, which in turn ensures that your puppy has a healthy skin and coat, strong teeth and bones and its high energy demands are sustained.Age 1 to 18 months.

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