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'Cos pets are people too, dammit.

“Dexter” the Shih Tzu

Shabbat Shalom!

I know you can’t stop looking at my avatar, and yes you got it right, I am a semi-Jewish Sandton dollie! I’m not going to lie, it takes many hours of grooming to maintain this phenomenon, and I don’t go anywhere without my GHD hair straightener.

Don’t be fooled by my chic exterior. Under this perfect hair is a slick oiled machine, where efficiency reigns and I don’t settle for less than 110%.

I can never be too organised. Pet insurance is a priority, especially today where the possibility of a slipped disc or an eye popping out could set you back thousands of ZARs at the vet. Not to mention the stress of living in this rat race that can lead to freakishly high stress hormone levels. I should know.

My Doc recommends a balanced life, whatever the definition of balanced is?

So I work hard, shop hard and play hard! The robot is one of my favourite party tricks much to my mother’s disgrace, but it’s always the source of great entertainment.

"Keep a balanced life, you can never be too prepared, and happy shopping! Mazel tov!"