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'Cos pets are people too, dammit.

“Mac” the Maine Coon

Goedemorgen Zuid Afrika!

I am the Dutch Kool-Kat who probably knows home affairs as well as the back of my paw. I immigrated to South Africa after my dad fell for a lady whilst here watching Holland kick ass in the Soccer World Cup. I haven’t looked back, but I do miss the Amsterdam catnip!

I am one of the biggest cats in my family, but I consider myself to be big boned.

Our breed has the nickname of “Gentle Giant” for good reason. My family particularly love me because I am pretty easy going and have the personality of a dog, but am way more intelligent with a wicked sense of humour. 

One of my specialities, (apart from hunting mice and leaving them as a present for my dad in the bath) is website development. I am the one to ask any questions concerning the whole shopping experience. I am patient and a great listener – so try me!

I am a massive android fan, so please do not mention the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the Doctor away’ in my presence.

I look forward to chatting to you soon!

Hup Hup Holland!