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'Cos pets are people too, dammit.

“Snitch” the Bengal

Nom nom nom…

Sorry, I just had to gulp down a peri-peri Nando’s burger before introducing myself.

I wouldn’t want you to witness a hungry Bengal – it’s not very safe!

I don’t mean to boast, but I am highly intelligent and these brain cells need food. It’s a good thing I am so active, or else my mum would have me on a permanent low calorie diet.

So I am the auditor in the family. I handle the finances, which I find quite ironic due to my name and that I’m really not that boring.

But you need a thinker, and that I am! You wouldn’t think that someone so clever could come from a small town like Umtata, but there have been a few geniuses born and bred in the Wild Coast, including our very own Madiba!

In my spare time I like to perch on top of the fridge and watch a bit of the IPL, and in particular Sachin Tendulkar. See I’ve always kind of stalked him, and I know that if he could just see my exotic leopard-print wheaten coat it would be over for a 6!

I would never do anything ridiculous in front of him, like unroll the toilet paper or play in my water bowl, I usually save that for my family

So if you have any questions regarding numbers, please feel free to ask me and I’ m sure I can tear myself away from the cricket for a few moments to try assist you.

"I thank you in advance for using our shop"!