Muzzles Pet Muesli Adult Dog Food-1kg

100% RAW. Just soak, and add fresh meat - cooked or raw - for a balanced, healthy raw diet for your dog!

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Why the Muzzles’ way! Have you ever wanted to feed your pets a healthier, raw, natural diet, but either don’t have the time or knowledge of where to begin? The Vets at Muzzles have created a biologically appropriate balanced diet for your muzzle kids, so that all you have to do is add water and meat. You also get to choose which meat your muzzle kid finds tastiest, suits your wallet and cuts out any protein allergy they might have. If they ever get bored of one meat flavour, you can simply switch!Raw, natural, balanced ingredients Whole cracked oats, pearl barley, rolled oats, carrots, flax seed meal, split peas, calcium carbonate, lecithin, barley grass, parsley, vitamin C and kelp.For healthy skin & digestion. Natural ingredients you can eat. Biologically appropriate. Supports immunity.Directions for feeding: • Mix Muzzles Muesli before measuring out the daily portion • Add the recommended amount of water and mix • For best nutritional results, leave rehydrated Muzzles Muesli at room temperature for 24 hours. For immediate use, mix with hot water. • Add the correct daily quantity of raw meat, as per the below Feeding Guide, to the soaked Muzzles Muesli and mix. If you used hot water, allow time to cool before feeding. • Once portioned, you can refrigerate and feed within a few days. We recommended splitting the daily portion into 2 meals fed one in the morning and one in the evening. • You can also freeze portions for up to 6 months.Typical analysis for Adult/Senior dog muesli mix* Crude protein 15.93% Total fat 2.24% Glycaemic Carbohydrates 9.27% Crude Fibre 1.05% Crude Ash 1.80% Calcium 0.24% Phosphorus 0.21% Omega-3 fatty acids 0.03% Omega 6 fatty acids 0.57% *This tables assumes Muzzles Muesli is soaked and mixed with appropriate quantities of raw ostrich meatDaily Feeding Guide - see back of bag. For dogs over 8 years increase the Muzzles Muesli by 10% and decrease the meat by 10% 1kg Muzzles Muesli will last as follows: 5kg dog - 33 days, 10kg dog - 18 days, 15kg dog - 13 days, 10kg dog - 10 days, 25kg dog - 8 days. Email if you would like the price of a 5kg bag.
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5/5 for quality and taste. Love that I can choose which meat to put with it and have peace of mind that my fur kids are getting a balanced diet.
My dogs love this! I mix it with raw ostrich mince, and their coat has never looked better. They weren't overly fat to begin with, but definitely looked more toned after eating this food. Prep up to 4 days worth and put it in the fridge for easy twice daily feeding. Review by Doc (Posted on 1/23/2024)
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