Our story

We are a bunch of pets with Young Urban Professional moms and dads. With their stressful and chaotic lifestyles they rarely had time for our human brothers and sisters, let alone us (their 4-legged children). So us pets got together to brainstorm ideas on how to free up time for them to do the things they want - like  take us for walks, play fetch and give us cuddles.

Now our parents can simply go online, select the necessary daily items that we need such as PREMIUM dog food, accessories, TREATS and the list is growing as you read this… The beauty of it is they can shop anytime, at any place, pay straight away and have our presents delivered to an address of their choosing.

It’s convenient, time saving and so EASY!

We love our moms and dads unconditionally and have learnt a great deal from them about their professions and how to run this fancy-shmancy shop.

We all have so much fun working together and we hope this is what you and your pets will experience when joining our family.

Our dream is to turn the evolution of Yuppiepet.co.za into a revolution so that more families can spend time together doing the things they love.

Our Manifesto

Pets. Dogs & Cats. We rescue them and share our lives with them. They become part of our family. Our companions. An example to our children on how to care and be responsible for another living creature. They guide us, hear for us, comfort and uplift us. They laugh with us, cry with us, listen, sing and dance with us. They walk along side us every day. Pets rescue us. People come and go. Pets are constant. Our protectors. We build our days around what is important to us. Collect memories that we can relive. Nurture relationships with souls we connect to. Time is infinite. Time with loved ones finite. Pets depend on us. We all have the freedom of choice. Yuppiepet is a lifestyle we can choose.


'Cos pets are people too, dammit.


Meet the family