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Oticlear 125ml

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Cleaning solution for the external ear canal

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Cipla Vet



Oticlear is a cleaning solution for the removal of wax and tissue debris in the external canal of dogs and cats. Oticlear may be used for the routine cleansing of the ear or prior to the application of aural medications.Directions for use:Remove the existing cap and seal and use twist-on cap for application. Turn the cap nozzle to open the product and then apply into ear canal. Take care not to touch the ear canal if infection is present, this will prevent cross-contamination. Oticlear should be liberally applied and the ear canal gentle massaged. Accessible parts of the ear should be cleaned with cotton wool which has been soaked in Oticlear. For routine cleansing Oticlear may be used 2 - 3 times per week. Composition:Lactic acid 2.5% w/v, Salicylic acid 0.1% w/v.Precautions:Avoid contact with eyes. For topical use only.

Additional Info

Additional Info

ManufacturerCipla Vet
Product Size125ml
Life StageAll Stages


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