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Herbal Canine Calmer 60 Tabs

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Natural calming tablets for your dog

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Health Tech



A herbal calming formulation for dogs - aggression, stubborn behaviour and handling difficulties are a few of the more common and easily identified problems. It is sometimes difficult for pet owners and veterinarians alike to determine the exact source of stress.It is common knowledge that dietary deficiencies can cause stress. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids which is acquired through dietary intake and is often lackingin the diet of the animal. It has the effect of prolonging the viability of or increasing the production of endorphins. Nutritional deficiency of tryptophan can manifest as stress.Valerian officinalis is a herb widely used by humans for its sedative properties. The inclusion of the herb in this formulation compliments the supplementation of the essentialamino acid in its function.WarningsDo not feed to pregnant or lactating animals. Discontinue use if animal shows any adverse reaction and contact a veterinarian.Although this product has been tested under various conditions the use of herbal remedies in conjunction with other medication should be undertaken with caution.Directions for useDietary deficiencies can cause stress or stress-like symptoms. Canine Calmer is specially formulated to manage nervousness and excitability in dogs. Canine Calmer should be fed continuously over stressful periods where nervous behaviour is commonly seen. If incidences of stress are likely to arise the recommended daily dose may be doubled. Canine Calmer may be used on a long-term basis.Recommended daily dose (tablet equivalent to 350 mg):Small dogs: 1/2 tablet per dayMedium dogs: 1 tablet per dayLarge dogs: 1 - 2 tablets per dayAvailable as 60 tablets per container

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Additional Info

ManufacturerHealth Tech
Product Size60 Tablets
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