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Pet Tabs Forte - 60 Tabs

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Meat flavoured nutritional supplement

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Kyron Labs



What are Pet Tabs Forte? Pet Tabs Forte are a meat-flavoured comprehensive nutritional supplement. The tablets contain real liver and cheese and are readily accepted by dogs and cats. Pet Tabs Forte also contain protein, vitamins and minerals.What can you use Pet Tabs Forte for?Given regularly, they promote general health. They can be used as an aid in convalescence after illness or surgery. They can be given to obese or overweight dogs in partial replacement for food as a weight-loss measure. They can be used in any other circumstances where a tasty form of supplement is needed. How do Pet Tabs Forte work? Pet Tabs Forte contain a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and protein required to maintain animals in peak condition.How do you use Pet Tabs Forte? Give whole or crumbled over food. Pet Tabs Forte are especially formulated to crumble easily, so that they can be sprinkled over food.Dogs: 1 to 3 tablets daily, depending on size of dog. Puppies & Cats: ½ to 1 tablet daily. Pack size(s)120 tabletsStorageStore in a cool place (below 25°C).

Additional Info

Additional Info

ManufacturerKyron Labs
Product Size120 Tablets
Life StageAll Stages


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