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Ultradog Superwoof Large Puppy

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For large breed yuppie pups and pregnant & lactating bitches
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Ultradog Superwoof Large Puppy-8kg
Ultradog Superwoof Large Puppy-3kg
Ultradog Superwoof Large Puppy-20kg



Ultra Dog SUPERWOOF understands that your puppy’s overall health begins with complete and balanced nutrition. Ultra Dog SUPERWOOF dry dog food for puppies is a high-quality dog food that has been scientifically developed by a veterinarian and pet nutritionist and contains all the nutrients your puppy needs, so that no supplementation of his diet is required. This digestible formulation helps to promote a strong immune system, healthy skin and a lustrous coat, supporting strong, lean muscle development, healthy joint development and providing sustained energy, in order for your puppy to develop an ideal body condition for a long, healthy and active life.Age 1 to 18 months.

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Additional Info

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