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'Cos pets are people too, dammit.

“Breker” the Chihuahua

Yia sas Pet Lovers!

That’s “Hello” in Cypriot in case you wondering. Yes, I am a Greek Chihuahua from the East Rand… Johannesburg, not Mexico. Born there (Caesar-pup obviously as my head was too big among other things), educated and graduated as an engineer there, and then worked in finance.

I might be classified as a ‘Toy’ breed, but I am very brave, full of courage and super-agile. If it weren’t for my left patellar that keeps popping out of joint, I would be one of the fittest brekers in the whole of the Rand. What I lack in physique I make up for in brains, loyalty and good looks. I use these to chat up the HOT BETTY’S!

"I often fantasize about being Bat Dog, my superhero! Then I could save damsels in distress. Did I mention I LOVE DOLLIES!"

I will depart with one of many facts to come:

Man Flu is REAL people! I should know. And it doesn’t help my occasional snoring – which by the way I never do!